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For a brief introduction to the three sounds - the Trio, The Dixie Dudes and the Dance Band - just click on any of the groups below.

                      The Trio
                      The Dixie Dudes
                      The Dance Band

The three extracts above are from the Band's full sampler CD, compiled to show how the music can be fashioned to suit your particular event, whether it be a wedding, dinner/dance or corporate promotion.
You can easily download the whole  CD. It's free, and in mp3 format, size approximately 25MB. The download  takes only a few minutes.
To download the CD:
  1. Right-click  below on "Download the full CD". 
  2. From the options, left-click on "Save Link (or Target) As..."
  3. Left-click on "Save"  to save the file "Dave Challis Sampler CD.MP3" in mp3 format to your Desktop (or wherever you prefer).
  4. Then open and play the file in Windows Media Player, or your preferred mp3 programme.
Download the full CD now.

Or we'll post the CD to you. Simply CONTACT US by telephone or EMAIL.
And please don't forget to include the date, time and venue for the event you're planning.
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